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The SinuSonic is a handheld, easy-to-use device that utilizes light acoustic vibrations and light resistant pressure that, when combined with normal breathing, is intended to help relieve nasal congestion. As you breathe in and out of the device for up to 3 minutes, SinuSonic emits a gentle acoustic vibration and when exhaling, you experience light pressure and a ‘flutter’ of resistance. Research has shown that the applications of sound and pressure can help relieve nasal congestion. SinuSonic is the first patents pending device that brings these methods together in a safe and natural way to combat nasal congestion, without drugs, messy irrigators, or surgery. Limited to 60 days or 500 minutes of use from pulling battery tab.

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Phillippe St. Gerard
United States United States
A bit disappointing, but it smells nice.

I have infrequent congestion that I was taking medicine for. At the suggestion of my pulmonologist, I picked up a device. I haven’t been able to get any real relief with it; I don’t feel the humming unless I flex my eustachean tubes, and even then only the faintest sensation comes in. Maybe my nose is shaped wrong for the device, but it’s not working for me.

John B.
United States United States
SinuSonic Works!

I’m an early supporter of SinuSonic. It offered the potential to help with my decades long problems with sinus congestion. I dislike taking medications (though they help) because of side-effects. The very first time I used my SinuSonic, the relief was immediate. No side effects. No limitation on repetition for relief-on-demand. I recommend SinuSonic to fellow sufferers.

Michael S.
United States United States
Outstanding noninvasive nasal and sinus treatment

SinuSonic is definitely a thumbs up for my history of nasal allergies and post nasal drip cough. Easy to use and fit into a hectic daily schedule. I am able to minimize my medication regimen. Less stuffiness and eustachian tube ear muffling issues. Excellent technology and product!

Rex K.
United States United States
Based on what my wife says it works incredibly for my snoring. I wake up much less congested and feel more rested. So noninvasive but seeming to have a huge impact. I’m going to try one for my son who also suffers sinus issues.

So easy and helpful!

Easy to use

What if you could have congestion relief in under 3 minutes? Watch how quick and easy it is to use the SinuSonic - no surgery, no drugs, and no mess required.

Compact design

Need relief on the go? SinuSonic has a simple-to-use, ergonomic design that can easily pack in a purse or backpack, and can be used at home, at the office, essentially anytime or anywhere you need relief.

Simple, Safe & Effective

Because there are no external chemicals or drugs, no invasive surgery required, and no mess to deal with, the SinuSonic offers an uncomplicated solution to help relieve nasal congestion.

Science is on our side

SinuSonic's combination of gentle acoustic vibration and light resistant pressure work together to help provide congestion relief. A recent study examined patients with chronic nasal congestion and SinuSonic demonstrated a clinical improvement in nasal congestion and airway conductivity.

Learn more about the science behind SinuSonic →

Recent Testimonials

"After finishing a treatment, I thought it did not work. Then my nose opened, I easily cleared more mucus and noticed less congestion and tightness in my head. Amazing!"
"It's amazing the relief that SinuSonic provides for nasal is simply the best I have ever found compared to any other therapies or medications."
"I have tried everything on the market – I hate the water torture – this is unlike anything else I have tried."
It helped the pressure in my ears – I kind of expected it to help my stuffiness, but the ears was a bonus."

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