Doc Talk

View our previously recorded webcasts where we feature a doctor discussing SinuSonic live.

Dr. Bogan June 2021

 Watch Dr. Bogan speak live about creating SinuSonic and the science behind it. He also answers questions from the audience. Join us next time to have your questions answered. 

Dr. Breus and David July 2021

 Dr. Michael Breus, The Sleep Doctor, joins David Lewis from SinuSonic to talk about SinuSonic uses. They go over how to use the SinuSonic, how Dr. Breus uses it and common mistakes during use. Please join us next time to have your questions answered live.

Dr. Soler August 2021

 Dr. Soler hosts a fantastic webinar. He goes over our first clinical trial, unboxes the SinuSonic and answers questions live.