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Results from Clinical Trials

 Dr. Rod Schlosser discusses SinuSonic's 2019 independent medical study and the amazing results doctors saw at the conclusion of the study. With congestion symptoms improving in over 80% of patients, Dr. Schlosser explains how SinuSonic could help patients without resorting to medications or surgeries.

SinuSonic for Treating Congestion

 Dr. Zach Soler explains how SinuSonic treats nasal congestion without the need for drugs or surgical procedures and allows patients to feel better immediately after using SinuSonic as well as after continued use of the device.

About the Device

 SinuSonic is a unique, patents-pending device that helps relieve nasal congestion and stuffiness. Dr. Rod Schlosser explains how SinuSonic works and the science behind the device's creation.

For Singers and Musicians

 Successful singers and musicians know that an open nasal airway is important for the breathing required to perform. Dr. Zach Soler shares feedback that we have received from singers and musicians who are using SinuSonic before practice or performances to help open the airways for better nasal breathing.

SinuSonic for Congestion During Pregnancy

 Dr. Rodney Schlosser discusses rhinitis of pregnancy and the congestion many women experience during pregnancy. Many women who are pregnant are reluctant to use additional medications. Dr. Schlosser explains how SinuSonic could be a great, drug-free alternative for treating nasal congestion experienced during pregnancy.

For Athletic Performance

 Many people only experience nasal congestion and stuffiness during times of peak physical activity and exercise. Dr. Zach Soler discusses how SinuSonic could help athletes feel more open and breathe better during workouts by using the device right before beginning physical activity.

Broadway Singer

 A Broadway singer uses SinuSonic every day before performing. Listen to her describe her experience using her SinuSonic.