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SinuSonic: A Sound Solution for Congestion & Sinus Pain Relief

Your patients are seeking natural but effective long-term solutions that work quickly to reduce sinus pain and headaches, and congestion.

Join our wholesale program alongside the growing number of doctors now conveniently offering their patients SinuSonic's long-term, drug-free, and cost-effective sinus solution.

SinuSonic is the natural drug-free solution your patients want. Created by a doctor, and clinically proven to safely and effectively clear chronic congestion and relieve sinus pain and headaches.

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Clinical Results Are In


of chronically congested trial subjects experienced congestion relief


of sinus pain and pressure subjects achieved a minimal clinical important difference (MCID) across all metrics


of subjects would use the device again and recommend it to others


increase in airflow was demonstrated after the first use and a 31% increase after using SinuSonic twice a day for two weeks

What Users Are Saying

Relieve sinus headaches by helping to reduce sinus pressure and pain.

“Saved me from so much more suffering!! Stopped my sinus pressure suffering in its tracks! I will forever be grateful. It may not work for everyone but it's worth a try to see. Sincerely a forever grateful customer for life!”

Tyra O., Verified Buyer

Sinus relief when nothing else works!

“It works! I've tried allergy meds, prescription nose sprays, everything, really. I'm a pro at the Neti Pot, but it wasn't making a difference for me. I've been using SinuSonic for a few days, and it really seems to be working. Immediately after, it feels like the upper levels of my sinuses just clear up, and I can breathe.”

Chelsey, Verified Buyer

Ease snoring and improve sleep quality

“Less snoring! I've only had this unit for a month, but after using it morning and night I'm snoring much less! A nice bit of respite for my wife!! I also feel less sinus congestion in the morning, and I'm sleeping better.”

Chris K., Verified Buyer

American Rhinological Society 2021 Presents: Advances in Treatment of Chronic Rhinitis and Nasal Obstruction

Rodney Schlosser, MD - Zach Soler, MD, MSc

Dr. Schlosser and Dr. Soler present novel non-surgical treatment options for patients who have chronic rhinitis and nasal congestion and have “tried everything” and still suffer with little relief.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I try SinuSonic before recommending it to my patients?

Yes, we understand how important it is to believe in the products you recommend. Experiencing the benefits of SinuSonic yourself is a great first step. Request a free SinuSonic device and we'll ship one to your office right away.

Are minimum order quantities required?

There are no minimum order quantities, however, our reseller program does offer tiered discounts based on the number of units ordered. If you have additional questions, please contact our Reseller Support Team at

Do you have clinical research to support SinuSonic's effectiveness?

Yes, SinuSonic has undergone several double-blind placebo-controlled studies demonstrating its efficacy and ability to treat chronic congestion and reduce pain associated with sinus headaches and pressure. You can learn more by visiting our Science page.

Can my patients use their FSA or HSA to purchase a SinuSonic?

Yes, your patients can use their FSA or HSA to purchase a SinuSonic from you without a prescription.

Is SinuSonic safe for all ages?

Yes, SinuSonic has no contraindications and is safe for all ages; however, we recommend it for children 5+. This minimum age is due to a mechanical issue and not a limitation of the product. Children need to be able to follow clear directions about how to breathe using the device.

Can my patients share their SinuSonic device with other family members?

We don’t recommend sharing SinuSonic with others. For hygiene reasons, much like a toothbrush, it's designed as a single-user device. We suggest you recommend your patients invest in a SinuSonic for individual family members.

What makes SinuSonic different than other nasal congestion solutions?

Most treatments for nasal congestion and rhinitis are limited to drugs like nasal spray decongestants or steroids, decongestant or antihistamine pills, or uncomfortable nasal irrigators.

SinuSonic is a non-drug solution that harnesses the body's mechanisms to open nasal passages naturally.

Its design is based on extensive research concerning the therapeutic effect of vibration and positive expiratory pressure (PEP) on mucous movement and airway functionality, and has clinical research proving it works!

Multiple studies prove using SinuSonic twice a day for two weeks improves airflow, reduces sinus pain and pressure, and improves quality of life.

Is SinuSonic safe to use with other prescribed or OTC solutions for congestion?

Yes. There are no contraindications to use with other pharmaceutical or OTC medication solutions for nasal congestion or sinus pain and pressure. SinuSonic is a great complement to other treatments, although many users find it effective all on its own!

How long does SinuSonic last?

SinuSonic lasts 6 months or 1080 minutes, depending on what comes first. Listen to Dr. Schlosser, MD (ENT), discuss why the SinuSonic isn't designed to be used indefinitely.