Sinus Therapy for Nasal Congestion and Stuffiness

Commit. Breathe Better. Feel Better.


Commit to Sinus Therapy

The commitment is simple. Use SinuSonic twice a day for about 2 minutes of sinus therapy each time and you’ll overcome your nasal congestion challenges – allowing you to breathe easier. And feel better.


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Use twice daily for about two minutes of therapy, morning and night, as part of your daily routine.


Breathe easier and feel better. It’s that easy.

How it Works

The revolutionary SinuSonic device delivers acoustic vibrations and gentle pressure to open nasal passages naturally. Twice a day, morning and evening, simply hold the SinuSonic device to your nose and breathe normally for about two minutes. You should hear a flutter each time you exhale during the exercise. That’s it. It is that easy. Best of all there are no harmful or addictive drugs, and no mess.

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Just about two minutes of sinus therapy twice a day

While some people experience immediate/instant relief, SinuSonic is designed to be used as twice daily Sinus Therapy for the user to experience the optimal effects the device can produce. Many have asked, “What if I just use it when I get stuffy?” SinuSonic will help. However for optimal results, use it twice daily for about two minutes. Commit. Breathe Better. Feel Better.

Worried it’s a gimmick?

We understand. It’s new. It’s different. And it’s something that seems too simple and easy. We have conducted a number of medical studies and results have surprised some of the leading ENTs and Rhinologist in the US. Click here to see the technical side of our product and the supporting science. Also, here are a few testimonials from our satisfied users who have had their lives changed.

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SinuSonic has been recognized by Health Magazine as a recommended snoring aid in the publication’s Health Sleep Awards 2021

Med Tech Outlook - Top Respiratory Device Providers

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The Details

The device will last six months from the date of first use and is designed to shut off after that period for the sake of cleanliness. The device is shipped free for the majority of the US.