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SinuSonic: The Revolutionary, All-Natural Way to Relieve Nasal Congestion and Stuffiness

We call it science, but you’ll call it lifechanging. Discover drug-free congestion relief with the simple science of acoustic energy, natural light pressure and easy breathing.

SinuSonic is the only patented medical device that uses a combination of gentle acoustic vibrations and light resistant pressure to help open nasal breathing and relieve nasal congestion. No more drugs, uncomfortable nasal sprays or messy irrigators. Just natural relief.

Experience game-changing relief after just 3 minutes of use.

My nose always felt just a little stuffy. I chalked this up to allergies from dust and pollen. I’ve been told to take antihistamine pills and use nasal sprays. While these products work, I just hate the idea of putting medications into my body every single day. The fact that SinuSonic is a non-drug remedy really appealed to me. I tend to do it in the morning and again at night, but sometimes I also do it just prior to yoga or exercise class.

— Rochelle, age 32

I can breathe!
I have tried everything on the market – I hate the water torture – this is unlike anything else I have tried.

How does SinuSonic work?

With SinuSonic pressed against the nose, the device delivers acoustic energy to the upper airway. And with each exhale, the device also creates positive, oscillating pressure in the sinuses which can be heard as a light fluttering sound. After 2 to 3 minutes of use, this combined application of sound waves and positive pressure increases airflow and helps reduce congestion, stuffiness, and related symptoms.

SinuSonic WORKS.

SinuSonic has been studied through independent clinical trials with patients suffering from long-term, chronic nasal congestion, facial pressure and nasal drainage. The latest published research found: 

8 out of 10 patients using SinuSonic experience clinically significant improvements in congestion-related symptoms

Increases in nasal airflow doubled after two weeks of twice-daily use

Patients using SinuSonic report dramatic improvements in overall quality of life

87.5% of patients using SinuSonic would recommend the device to family and friends

SinuSonic is a safe, viable and natural solution for relieving nasal congestion