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Dr. Rod Schlosser discusses SinuSonic's 2019 independent medical study and the amazing results doctors saw at the conclusion of the study. With congestion symptoms improving in over 80% of patients, Dr. Schlosser explains how SinuSonic could help patients without resorting to medications or surgeries.

Dr. Zach Soler explains how SinuSonic treats nasal congestion without the need for drugs or surgical procedures and allows patients to feel better immediately after using SinuSonic as well as after continued use of the device.

SinuSonic is a unique, patents-pending device that helps relieve nasal congestion and stuffiness. Dr. Rod Schlosser explains how SinuSonic works and the science behind the device's creation.

In the latest medical study, doctors assessed patients' 'quality of life' measures to see how much better patients' felt at different times after using the device. Dr. Rod Schlosser discusses the findings of the medical study and the impact of patients' quality of life after sustained use of SinuSonic.

Successful singers and musicians know that an open nasal airway is important for the breathing required to perform. Dr. Zach Soler shares feedback that we have received from singers and musicians who are using SinuSonic before practice or performances to help open the airways for better nasal breathing.

Dr. Rodney Schlosser discusses rhinitis of pregnancy and the congestion many women experience during pregnancy. Many women who are pregnant are reluctant to use additional medications. Dr. Schlosser explains how SinuSonic could be a great, drug-free alternative for treating nasal congestion experienced during pregnancy.

Patients who have a tendency to get nosebleeds could relate to issues such chronic dryness inside the nose or prominent blood vessels in the front of the nose. Our latest medical study did not see that SinuSonic directly caused any dryness or nosebleeds, but if you tend to get frequent nosebleeds, we would not recommend using SinuSonic and suggest visiting an ENT for additional assessment.

Dr. Rodney Schlosser explains how the medical study for SinuSonic was designed and the feedback received by patients during the clinical trials showing the variety of symptoms and scenarios in which SinuSonic can work for patients. The medical study showed that SinuSonic works for relieving nasal congestion, but also found improvements in patients' post nasal drainage, sinus pain and pressure, and ear blockage. SinuSonic is a unique product that may provide benefit across a variety of patient populations.

When looking at treatment options, doctors want to know if there is real data supporting the treatment and if the treatment will make patients feel better. Dr. Zach Soler discusses how SinuSonic meets those requirements and how he recommends SinuSonic to his patients.

SinuSonic helps relieve nasal congestion naturally through the application of acoustic energy and light, oscillating pressure. Dr. Zachary Soler talks about patients that are looking for a drug-free alternative to help relieve congestion and stuffiness.

Many people only experience nasal congestion and stuffiness during times of peak physical activity and exercise. Dr. Zach Soler discusses how SinuSonic could help athletes feel more open and breathe better during workouts by using the device right before beginning physical activity.