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Are You Mouth Breathing?

Did you know it's reported that 50% of adults breathe through their mouth, especially earlier in the day? That jumps to 71% at night.

Are you one of them?

Athletes, singers, and yoga instructors are some of our biggest fans. Why? Because they all know the critical importance of breathing through your nose.

SinuSonic is a holistic, simple solution for clearing congestion, reducing nasal inflammation, and reaping the health benefits of nasal breathing!

The only thing that works


“I’d been having severe congestion with sporadic dripping snot (think leaky faucet) for about two years (year-round) until I started using Sinusonic. I’ve used it for about 6 months, and my symptoms are completely gone. It’s easy to add to a daily routine, and surprisingly pleasant. I’ve recommended it to friends and those who’ve started using it have experienced relief too.”

~Ari, Verified Buyer