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FAQ: Has SinuSonic undergone any clinical trials, testing or research?

The SinuSonic has completed a first IRB-approved clinical study which has been published in a peer-reviewed medical journal. A second study is currently being completed in partnership with the Medical University of South Carolina.

Our first study, "The SinuSonic: reducing nasal congestion with acoustic vibration and oscillating expiratory pressure" can be found in:

Medical Devices: Evidence and Research, 2019 : 12 : 305-310
Published by Dove Medical Press, 28 August 2019.

As can be seen in the published study, the trial's conclusion was that outcomes were encouraging with effect sizes in the moderate to large range and no safety concerns or discomfort was reported during device trials.

The second study currently being completed at the Medical University of South Carolina can be viewed at with the current study synopsis:

The Safety and Efficacy of a SinuSonic Intervention

Brief Summary:

This study aims to test the safety and effectiveness of the SinuSonic device on adults with moderate to severe nasal congestion. This study will use patient responses to measure how effective SinuSonic devices are in treating these moderate to severe congestion in adults.